If I fell into you, would it be close enough

If I finally let you in, would you show me what love is

If I had nothing to give (x)

Grant Gustin, Tuesday March 18 in Vancouver, Canada.

"I really wish there was a web series of Elliot hanging out with his other friends, telling them about the insane group of people he’s met recently… ‘They all went to this high school that just, like, churns out professional entertainers, and, I swear, when they’re not trying to live with me, they all stay in one apartment that doesn’t even have any walls. Super weird, man.’" (x)

We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves



As we finally open up about a moment that has been nearly a year in the making, a moment of explanation: of why we’re here, what we’re doing, and what this means for you.

Interlude Press is a new publishing house of LGBTQ fiction, penned by authors of fan fiction. Initially, these are authors who either have written or currently write in the Glee fandom as well as several other fan communities.

It was born of a love and deep respect for original fan works, particularly long form fan fiction. It was developed by people whose experience in professional publishing, communications, and technology runs deep, but who are also a part of and have a deep love for fandom, and for the authors who devote months and even years to writing stories that in any other context would have them labeled as working novelists.

We believe they deserve a shot.

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Grant Gustin recorded a message for a fan while filming The Flash pilot x

But first.. Let me take a selfie!