anon prompted: frisky Kurt distracting Sebastian from his studies

Sebastian can tell Kurt’s staring at him, laying on his back across the foot of Sebastian’s bed and tilting his head to watch Seb where he’s propped against the pillows with his nose buried in a textbook.

"What, Kurt?" he asks patiently, not looking up from his book.

"Are you almost done?" Kurt rolls onto his stomach, the mattress dipping as he moves.


"Can you take a break?" Kurt ventures.

Sebastian grits his teeth, and drones. “Not if I’m going to pass this class and get into a good college and get my dad off my back for the rest of my life.”

"You could pass it in your sleep," he hears Kurt sigh quietly, sadly. "You don’t even want to go to Harvard."

Sebastian closes his eyes, making sure his book is held up high enough to cover his face. “I know. But it’s that or deal with the disappointment of my parents for the rest of my life. Honestly, I don’t think they’d ever cut me off and I’m sure they’d still love me no matter what I do, but I don’t think they’d know what to do with a black sheep,” he takes a deep breath through his nose and holds it for two seconds, letting it out slowly. “I’m sorry. Your boyfriend’s going to be a lawyer. I warned you what you were getting yourself into.”

He feels Kurt’s sure fingers circle around his ankle and brush up his calf under his trousers, dragging over course hair. “I love you.”

Sebastian’s heart catapults into his throat. It always does that. It did it the first time Kurt said it and he keeps waiting for the time when it’ll stop, but it never does.

He lowers his book and drops it on the mattress, finally making eye contact with Kurt where he’s propped on an elbow at Seb’s feet. His eyes are wide and earnest, brows slightly knitted in worry, sending a surge of emotion through Sebastian’s body that he doesn’t quite know what to do with. Kurt’s expression says, 'I want you and I need you and I really, really care about you,’ and it’s still so entirely unexpected that it makes his breath catch in his chest.

"I know," Sebastian says quietly, holding a hand out for Kurt. "I love you too."

Kurt takes his hand and lets Sebastian pull him forward until he’s straddling Seb’s thighs, folding his arms around Sebastian’s neck while Sebastian’s hands settle on his hips, warm and sure.

"I just don’t want you stressing yourself out too much over this," Kurt murmurs, fingers dragging through the short hair at the base of Seb’s skull. He purses his lips, his eyes - cool blue-grey in this light, flecked with gold - dart away for a second, and he asks, "Are you happy? Is this going to make you happy?"

Sebastian swallows thickly and squeezes Kurt’s hips involuntarily, honestly replying, “I think it could make me miserable,” Kurt looks stricken, and he quickly continues. “But, fuck… you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me Kurt, and I think I… I think having you in my life could make anything bearable.”

Kurt’s face softens and he smirks cheekily. “I’m your rock.”

"Don’t push it." Sebastian deadpans, but he’s grateful. Kurt’s always known how hard Seb finds it to open up about these sorts of things, and he always knows the exact moment to throw in a joke or a barb to lighten the mood. He splays his palms over the small of Kurt’s back and whispers. "But, yeah. I’ll kill you if you ever tell anyone, but… yeah."

"I won’t," Kurt shakes his head, smiling. "The longer the rest of the world keeps believing you’re a heartless asshole the longer I get to have you to myself."

"You’ll always have me." Sebastian growls, stomach twisting tightly.

"Will I?" Kurt purrs.

"Mhm. Come here."

Kurt bites his lip, pink and glossy, and leans down, covering Sebastian’s mouth with his own. He tastes sweet, the iced tea they drank half an hour ago still lingering on Kurt’s tongue as it swipes lightly over Sebastian’s, warm and slippery.

Sebastian groans into his mouth as Kurt’s fingers tangle in his hair, heat growing between his legs and his cock hardening as Kurt wriggles and shifts in his lap.

He grabs two fistfuls of Kurt’s sweater, about to tug it up and over his head when Kurt’s hands close over his wrists, breaking the kiss and panting, “Nuh uh. I want to take care of you.”

Sebastian stares up at him, eyes wide, and croaks, “You don’t have to.”

"I want to," Kurt says, dropping a short, dry kiss to his lips and sliding back over Seb’s legs, his fingers already working to open his belt.

Sebastian watches him with a dry mouth, his breath picking up as Kurt deftly pops the button on his pants and pulls his fly down. He tucks his fingers into Sebastian’s waistband, and Seb automatically lifts his hips for Kurt to slide his underwear and pants down in one.

While Kurt tugs them over his feet Sebastian peels his shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the floor, and his cock bounces up gently, already half hard and beginning to curve up towards his belly.

Kurt stares at it, heat flaring in Sebastian’s stomach at the hunger in his eyes, and licks his lips. “Somebody’s eager.”

Sebastian snorts, hot all over despite being completely naked. “Have you looked in a mirror lately?”

Kurt laughs, a bright cascading chime, and wraps a hand around the base of Seb’s cock, stroking lightly upwards.

Sebastian’s skull thunks back against the headboard, his eyes slipping closed at the warmth and teasing pressure of Kurt’s fingers. Kurt knows exactly what Sebastian likes by now. Knows exactly what’s too much and what isn’t enough, and Kurt’s obviously deliberately skirting the limbo between the two, managing to get Sebastian worked up without offering nearly enough friction.

"Kurt," he almost whines, not bothering to be embarrassed by how high and breathy his voice comes out.

"I know," Kurt soothes, his free hand gliding up Sebastian’s stomach. "Shh."

Before Sebastian has time to gather himself he feels wet heat surround his cock, gasping at the ceiling as Kurt immediately takes him into his mouth as deep as he can, bringing his hand up to meet his lips and sucking lightly.

Oh, fuck,” he groans, only just managing to halt his hands before they fly into Kurt’s hair and pull, instead steering them to either side of his thighs to tangle in the sheets. “Kurt.

Kurt hums around him, a sound that might even be a chuckle, and drags his mouth up before lowering it again, setting an agonising rhythm.

Sebastian manages to get a hold of himself enough to open his eyes and look down, his hips twitching upwards when he spots Kurt’s lips stretched around his length, shining with saliva, chin slick with it.

"Jesus, look at you," he breathes. "You’re… ha … you’re fucking stunning.”

Kurt’s eyes flick up to meet his and he almost comes at the sight. His pupils are wide and dark, almost drowning out his irises as his head bobs.

Sebastian’s jaw hangs slack, hands aching where they’re clenched into fists, and he hisses. “Faster.”

Kurt blinks and lowers his eyes again, wrist twisting and pace quickening, head rising and falling as Sebastian feels sweat beading at his own forehead and pressure growing at the base of his spine.

"Close," he whispers, back beginning to arch off the bed. "Close, close, Kurt.”

Kurt’s mouth drags up one last time with steady, relentless suction, tongue flattening under the head of his cock, and Seb cries out, vision blurring and ears roaring at the sudden rush and release of his climax, dick pulsing in Kurt’s mouth as he continues to work Sebastian though his orgasm, swallowing as he comes.

After a moment Sebastian threads a shaky hand into Kurt’s hair to get him to pull away, dick too sensitive and head too fuzzy as he gazes down at Kurt releasing his softening cock with a quiet wet smack.

There’s a little come on his chin and the corners of his mouth, eyes over bright and cheeks flushed dark red. Sebastian has to fight not to groan at the sight of him, suddenly registering that Kurt’s still fully clothed, and desperately curious as to what the soft, cool cotton of his shirt will feel like against his bare skin.

"Come up here," he whispers, opening his arms shakily. "Come here."

Kurt crawls up his body, collapsing on his torso and allowing Sebastian to wrap his arms around him, hands linking behind his back.

"What was that?" Sebastian asks quietly, head still groggy and limbs next to useless.

Kurt shrugs, his head tucked under Sebastian’s chin, hair tickling his neck, voice low and husky. “Stress release.”

Sebastian laughs weakly and tips Kurt’s head up to lazily kiss him, his own come bitter on his tongue, Kurt’s relaxing weight pressing him into the mattress.

Eventually Seb draws back to ask, “How are your stress levels?”

Kurt giggles, arms tightening around Sebastian’s waist. “They’re pretty good, actually.”

Sebastian pauses, blinking slowly, and offers, “Can I blow you anyway?”

Kurt’s body shakes with laughter on top of him. “If you want to.”

"Oh," Sebastian sits up, leisurely flipping Kurt onto his back and kneeling over him, cock already valiantly trying to get hard again. "I really do."

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