i vote kadam because kadam!! smut!!!!!, but i’m excited no matter which pairing you write *u*
ehehehe ilu <333 i want to write one for each pairing, so whoever doesn’t get a shower fic will get some kind of intergluteal fic, and i kind of have a thing for intergluteal kurtbastian and a thing for Adam’s giant soapy arms and *______* i think i’ll do shower kadam *__________*
no shhh, this is a good problem to have as a multishipper but kurtbastian has been neglected by the fandom lately ;__; hint hint
wah, i know, i’m so guilty of it too, i’m going to try to pay more attention to them poor bb’s ;______;
How about Kurt, Adam, and Sebastian? They can make a hot, soapy, delicious Kurt sandwich! :D
I WOULD DIE +________________+

  1. spinmybowtie said: Yes, but what a way to go… (also this is a thing that needs to happen somehow, someway)
  2. cosima-milkovich said: Kurt Sandwich… can I haz this now?
  3. optimistoxymoron said: Soapy Adam…my brain just melted.
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